Why Canada Needs New Pipeline Capacity to Tidewater

The purpose of this report is to provide the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association with an analysis on the topic of ‘Why Canada Needs New Pipeline Capacity to Tidewater’. The report is organized into four sections: context, the facts around demand, supply and pipeline capacity, benefits from new pipeline capacity and conclusions. This report was prepared by Veracity Plus Consulting. Review the complete report here.

Economic Impacts from Operation of Canada’s Energy Transmission Pipelines

This report summarizes key findings obtained from using the current (2010) version of the Statistics Canada Interregional Input/Output (I-O) Model to estimate the economic impacts from operation of the energy transmission pipelines currently operating in Canada as well as from two proposed but not yet approved crude oil pipelines: The TransCanada Energy East Pipeline and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion. Gerry Angevine of Angevine Economic Consulting Limited undertook the analysis during February and March 2016 on behalf of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA). Review complete report here.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce: $50 Million a Day

Canada is failing to access world markets for its energy products. In a report released September 13, 2013 the Canadian Chamber of Commerce highlights how Canada’s lack of infrastructure is preventing Canadians from maximizing their potential benefits in energy markets. Entitled $50 Million a Day, the report stresses how this situation is costing us millions of dollars every day and documents the already enormous loses Canada is experiencing. With U.S. demand declining, the report warns that it is only a matter of time before it starts to really hurt the Canadian economy. Review complete report here.

Economic Benefits to Canadian Households of Increased Natural Gas Supply

The development of new technology, coupled with existing technologies such as hydraulic fracturing, has unlocked previously unattainable gas reserves in shale gas formations. This has greatly increased the supply of natural gas in North America and has resulted in significant reductions in the price of natural gas. Since these developments have opened up access to a huge resource base, it is expected that North Americans will enjoy lower natural gas prices for decades to come. This report measures the economic benefits to Canadians from this price reduction over the years 2011-35, with a particular emphasis on the benefits to Canadian households. Review complete report here.

Perspective on Canadian Gas Pipeline Return on Equity

This document outlines key facts and views regarding return on equity (ROEs) on Transmission Pipelines in Canada, with a specific focus on gas pipelines. It has been prepared by the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) to support engagement and discussion of ROE issues amongst CEPA members who are operating natural gas transmission systems and with associated policy makers, regulators and stakeholders. Review complete report here.

The Importance of Timely Construction of New Pipeline Infrastructure

CEPA undertook two studies to  to quantify the economic benefits that result from pipeline investment and to illustrate the potentially very significant costs to Canadian residential, commercial and industrial consumers that would result from delays in the construction of new pipeline infrastructure in North America. Review complete report here.