CEPA Staff

Chris Bloomer
President & Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Smyth
Vice President, Safety & Engineering

Sonya Savage
Senior Director, Policy & Regulatory Affairs

Coral Lukaniuk
Director, Integrity First

Jennefer Brown

Geraldine Anderson
Manager, Communications

Jordan Inkster
Senior Coordinator, CEPA Integrity First®

Amy Miller
Operations Coordinator

Judi Pagonis
Membership and Operations Coordinator, CEPA Foundation

Sareena Ruda
Reception/Administrative Assistant

Selena Vandegriff
Executive Assistant

Jim Donihee
Chief Operating Officer

Kim McCaig
Executive Director, CEPA Foundation

Cathy Hay
Director, Industry Intelligence & Strategic Initiatives

Donna Menuz
Controller, CEPA Foundation and IPC

Jeannette Seegobin
Manager, Safety & Environment

Leanne Madder
Senior Communications Advisor, Media Relations

Kim Hamill
Senior Communications Advisor,
Digital Communications

Kai Horsfield
Research Coordinator

Carole Brownlees
Executive Assistant to President/
Secretary to the Board

Gillian Dawe
Executive Assistant