Why Pipelines are Needed

Pipelines are a safe and efficient means of transporting large quantities of crude oil and natural gas over land.

How are we so sure pipelines are the most efficient way to transport crude oil and natural gas over land?

Each and every day, CEPA companies transport enough crude oil and petroleum products to fill 15,000 tanker truck loads or 4,200 rail cars.

CEPA’s pipeline network transports three million barrels of oil every day.

Comparison of amount of crude oil carried by each mode of transportation each day

Pipelines simply make sense

  • Large-scale transportation of natural gas by tanker truck or rail is not feasible
  • Pipelines are more cost-effective than the alternative transportation options
  • They require significantly less energy to operate than operating trucks or rail and have a much lower carbon footprint
  • Underground pipelines are safe

Energy is fundamental to our personal and economic well being

Canadians rely on natural gas and products made from crude oil to meet more than two-thirds of their energy needs each and every day.

We use these fuels to drive our cars and fly our planes

  • 94% of all Canadian transportation energy comes from petroleum products
  • The vast majority of passenger vehicles on the road use gasoline as a fuel, while most freight transport trucks use diesel

They heat our homes and businesses

  • More than half the homes in Canada are heated by furnaces that burn natural gas
  • Natural gas meets almost half of the energy needed to run our industries

They are used to make hundreds of household products

  • Plastics start out as petroleum products and natural gas
  • So do many pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oils and lubricants

Our oil and gas resources are large contributors to our economy

  • The value of Canadian exports of crude oil and natural gas was more than $81 billion in 2013
  • The pipeline and energy industries employ thousands of Canadians coast to coast

Safe, economical and constant

  • While other forms of transportation are available, pipelines provide a safe, economical and constant flow of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products.
  • Pipelines are the most efficient means of transporting large quantities of crude oil and natural gas over land.

A Commitment to Public Safety

Public safety is the top priority for CEPA and its member companies — we are committed to minimizing impacts and risks to the public and the environment. Learn more.