The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies. Our members transport 97% of Canada’s daily natural gas and onshore crude oil production from producing regions to markets throughout Canada and the United States.

What's new

Coming down the pipe

Regulatory Roadmap

Pipelines are strictly regulated throughout their full life cycle

Pipelines Deliver More Than Energy

Pipelines add more than $8.8 billion to Canada’s GDP


Maintaining Safe Pipelines


CEPA member companies have a 99.999% safety record

Pipelines: Enablers of Prosperity

The economic significance of Canada's transmission pipelines.


August 27, 2014: An academic’s perspective on changes to the pipeline review process

August 20, 2014: Who holds pipeline companies accountable?

August 13, 2014: When a pipeline retires: 5 things you didn’t know

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September 29 to October 3 – International Pipeline Conference and Exposition 2014 (Calgary, AB)

October 29 – 31, 2014 – CEPA Foundation Fall Meeting (Victoria, BC)

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