The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies. Our members transport 97% of Canada’s daily natural gas and onshore crude oil production from producing regions to markets throughout Canada and the United States.

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Pipelines and the Fort McMurray fire

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Explore our interactive map to find out where transmission pipelines and facilities are located in Canada.

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Pipelines are strictly regulated throughout their full life cycle

Maintaining Safe Pipelines


CEPA member companies have a 99.999% safety record

May 18, 2016: Infographic: The economic contributions of transmission pipelines

May 11, 2016: 5 facts about pipelines and natural disasters

May 4, 2016: Step by step: a look at how integrity digs help prevent pipeline leaks

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Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Horse Creek wildfires in Fort McMurray.

We recognize that keeping Canadians informed about pipeline safety during an emergency is of the utmost importance, so we’ve provided answers to the important questions around pipelines and natural disasters. Learn more.